Jackson Creek

We are excitingly awaiting the arrival of these two foals!! They should be pretty exceptional!

CWHBA/GOV mare Dream (Dublin/Kick xx) was bred to KWPN stallion Parcival (Lancelot/Lucky Boy xx) is due May 23, 2019

​KWPN Ster mare Ulonja (Ohorn/Indoctro) was bred to KWPN stallion Connaisseur (Con Amore/Donnerhall) is due June 11, 2019

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year.  We are starting the year off with a clinic Feb 2-3 with DJ Cairns after having the last 2 months off, I'm continuing on with Wred and Erica with Roxy with hopes of getting to a couple of shows and clinics this summer.

July 5, 2019 - Today was a hard day for us as we said good bye to a couple of horses. Due to complications from birth we had to lay to rest Cartier and her dam Ulonja. They will forever be remembered and loved and we are happy in knowing that they are no longer suffering or in pain!




We would also like to Congratulate everyone who came out and presented their mares and foals. It was a successful day for everyone with all mares getting entered into the Main Mare book and Premium awards for foals! Thank you to everyone who helped with and supported our Inspection. A special thanks you to our Inspectors Sebastian Rohde and Kendra Hansis for travelling to our farm!

May 12, 2019

Dream foaled at 9:30pm!

She had a big lovely filly sired by KWPN Dressage stallion Parcival!

Everyone is doing well and she is getting a handle on those long legs!

We have decided to call her Prima and will be registered with GOV.

SAVE THE DATE2019 GOV Oldenburg & Wesser-Ems Inspection will be held Tuesday August 6, 2019. We will be offering Mare Inspection, Foal Registration and if we get enough participants we will offer the Mare Performance Test(MPT) which includes Chute jumping, Under Saddle and Test Rider phase. Please contact us for more info and keep checking back as I will be posting information here and also on our Jackson Creek Warmbloods Facebook Page and Group page!




August 6, 2019, we held our 2nd Annual GOV and Wesser Ems Inspection here at the farm. We presented our foal Prima(Parcival/Dublin) and she received the premium Foal of Distinction award! We also had a look at our 2 year old filly Diora (Danse Diabolique/Ohorn/Indoctro).

Late evening on May 22, 2019, Ulonja(Lonnie) decided it was time! (and without telling anyone....) and gave birth to a beautiful filly by Connaisseur.

Everyone is doing good considering she was early and had an early morning adventure to visit the rest of the herd without mom! Everyone settled in great and are coming along well. She has tons of spunk and character!

​We decided on the name Cartier and she will be registered with GOV in August.

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