Jackson Creek

It's a GIRL! Dream foaled in the early morning of April 7, 2018 and produced a beautiful healthy big black filly! She is a perfect mix of her dam and sire Danse Diabolique!  Just waiting for spring to arrive so these guys can enjoy some time outside in the sun.

We have named her Daniella!

Count down is on......just 4 more days til we host our first GOV Inspection here at the farm.

Paperwork will start at 4:00pm  on Tuesday August 14, 2018, with presentation of the horses to start immediately afterwards.

There is still time to sign up if you would like your Mare Inspected or Foal Registered, if eligible.  Feel free to contact me for more information! 

June 15-17th, 2018, had an amazing time at the Gina Allen Clinic hosted by Cairns Ranch. Gina is a wonderful coach and I got a lot out of it. Made some great progress with Wred and myself. Gina also taught a Rider Equifit class the Friday night, which was very informative. Great weekend overall, and good prep for our Dressage show in 3 weeks!

Oct 1, 2018 was weaning day here on the farm. It was very easy and uneventful....which is always nice. Both foals are handled regularly, haltered, groomed, picking up feet, moving away from pressure and learning to lead. Are used to being brought in the barn, have stayed in stalls over night and turned out for the day and are up to date with vaccinations and deworming. Both are proving to be intelligent and a pleasure to work with. Both love grooming time in the mornings and are becoming very good students for the farrier!

We are not planning on breeding anyone in 2019, and are only expecting 2 foals in Spring 2019. We are doing a bit of reorganization of the broodmares  and with them getting on in age, we are focusing on promoting the young stock until they are sold and getting more of a show record on Wred before breeding her.

We have decided to retire Lonnie (Ulonja) from the broodmare band after she foals in 2019. She has had a great run and deserves to live out her last years in peace! We will eventually retire Dream in 2021, she will foal in 2019, and we are giving her the year to raise her foal and then will breed her in 2020 for her last foal as she will be 18. We could not have asked for better mares to be apart of our breeding program! They have all given so much and we are so thankful!

         Danse Diabolique                                            Odilon                                          Connaisseur                                               Parcival

2018 is also going to be an eventful year under saddle!

I will be continuing on with Wred K after her very successful first year in the show ring with trainer DJ Cairns in 2017.  We have a few shows planned this year a well as riding in a clinic with Gina Allan. This will be my first year back in the Dressage show ring in 20 years!



Tuesday August 14, 2018 we were slated to host a GOV Inspection at the farm, but due to unforseen circumstances, we had to move venues and postpone til later that day, as it worked out, the poor Inspectors finally arrived around 10:30pm. Thankfully everyone hung in there and still got their mares and foals inspected. Both, Odette and Daniella inspected well, had some great remarks. Ulonja was entered into the Main Mare book.  They foals handled the trailer ride and new area well. We unfortunately did not get great pics due to lighting but it was an educational evening nonetheless. Here's hoping for a timely 2019 GOV Inspection!

Rhapsody's Grace

It's another GIRL!! Gracie foaled early morning of April 28, 2018 and produced a lovely grey filly. This is a first foal for us from Odilon. She has been stamped with very cool markings and lovely head and neck!

We have named her Odette! 

July 6-8th, 2018, We headed out to Brandon, MB for Westman Dressage Lemonade Daze Show. This was Wred and my first time in the show ring, and my first time back in the dressage ring in about 20 years! What a great experience! Despite the heat, we did well, placed in all my classes,1 - 1st, 2 - 3rd's, a 5th, and improved almost 6% on scores throughout the weekend! We have lots to work on but will be back next year for sure!! What a great group of people that make up Westman Dressage Association! Always a fun and relaxing atmosphere!

2018 is gearing up to be an eventful and exciting breeding year for us.  We are patiently awaiting the birth of 2 foals this year, CWHBA mare Dream(Dublin) is expecting a foal by GOV stallion Danse Diabolique(Donnerhall) mid April and our CWHBA mare Rhaposdy's Grace(Radjah Z) is expecting a foal beginning of May by KWPN stallion Odilon(Inspekteur).  We highly anticipate great things from both of these two! More information about the mares or stallions can be found on our Broodmare and Reference Sire pages.

​We also have great plans for breeding this year,  our KWPN Ster mare Ulonja(Ohorn) will be bred to KWPN stallion Connaisseur(Con Amore) this spring and as long as Dream foals well, we will breed her back again this year to KWPN Stallion Parcival(Lancelot). Both mares confirmed in foal due May/June 2019.

SAVE THE DATE: We will be hosting a GOV Inspection here at the farm on Tuesday August 14, 2018. Please keep checking back for more details. We are hoping to hold a Mare Inspection, Foal Inspection, and a Mare Performance Test which includes Chute Jumping, Under saddle portion with owner/rider and a test rider phase. Inspectors from Germany will be here and is open to anyone wanting to have there foals registered/inspected, and Mares entered into the GOV Studbooks(Oldenburg and Wesser-Ems) I will also be posting information on my Facebook Page. Please see the GOV 2018 Rule Book for more information and please feel free to contact me for more information about this event! It will start at 4:00pm 

Leena is also back under saddle with trainer Brenda Clemens and we will continue to keep working and developing this young mare until she finds a new home and partner. This mare's disposition alone is worth her weight in gold! Such a willing and safe mount for anyone and she can take a joke!

This mare has a lot of talent and will make an excellent hunter and equitation prospect. She is a perfect fit for a youth or an amateur rider.

March 7, 2018 -Leena has sold! Congrats to Lisa Gates of Nova Scotia and her family on adding his wonderful mare to their family!!